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Dr. Tong Zhang, Chief Scientific Officer, Wondfo, selected as a 2023 Awardee

The Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) announces the selection of Spring 2023 awardee, Dr. Tong Zhang, Chief Scientific Officer at Wondfo. She is a highly experienced senior biotechnology industry professional with a proven track record in global investment, and operations, bringing a wealth of expertise to her role. She is proficient in evaluating and assessing over 900 global IVD, POC, and medical device companies.

Dr. Zhang has built and led international R&D teams. Her global experience drives successful leadership in cross-functional teams, while focusing on mentoring direct reports at various capabilities and educational levels. With a strategic and team-oriented approach, her teams achieve the highest standards of performance.

"Tong's specialized scientific background and analytical approach in an extremely technical industry offers a unique perspective to our network. She leads with a progressive mindset and develops teams and businesses that open doors for future generations," said Larraine Segil, Chair & CEO of EWA. "We welcome Tong to EWA and look forward to her contributions in our expanding network of women!"

Dr. Tong Zhang, Chief Scientific Officer at Wondfo

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Tong for nearly a decade. Within the molecular diagnostics field, she possesses an exceptional ability to spot technologies ripe for commercialization. With her assistance, Wondfo successfully devised a strategy and acquired multiple platforms. Tong excels as an executive and boardroom presence, actively listening to all ideas before sharing her valuable insights and advice. Her track record demonstrates not only efficient plan execution but also adept guidance for others during challenging times," said Jian Han, Founder & Chairman, iRepertoire & iCubate.

Dr. Zhang is an expert in commercial IVD molecular diagnostics assay research and development, including obtaining FDA 510K and CE approvals for next-generation sample-to-answer medical devices. Her rich background spans molecular and cell biology, infectious disease, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Additionally, she is renowned for her proficiency in assay development, covering molecular, immunoassay, cellular, and biochemical assays.

With six years of prior service as a board director and advisor for three different biotech companies, Dr. Zhang currently serves on the board of Hura Imaging, a private biotech company.


The Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) is an invitation only peer mentorship organization where high-potential, high-level Exceptional Women from across multiple industries are hand-selected and invested in, to grow, learn, share, and succeed. In addition to the achievement of significant success, the criteria for acceptance include character traits that are defining of the EWA Culture – Kindness, the Spirit of Generosity, Transparency, Gratitude and Willingness to Share their Networks. The Foundation is a powerhouse of peer-to-peer mentoring that provides guidance, deep connection, and leadership, propelling each woman to sustainable success - one woman at a time. The year-long program enables each member to be connected as alumnae for life in the ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders continue to move into positions of significance. Learn more at us on Facebook 


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