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Apply to become an EWA

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Do you qualify to become an

The Application Process and Criteria to become an EWA:

The EWA Applicant will write an essay, submit two reference letters, and participate in a Zoom Admissions Interview. Download PDF for more information

What is the MENTOR Process?
The MENTOR PROCESS is a proprietary, customized, metrics-driven executive coaching and mentoring process.
Download PDF for more information

What is the Impact of our Process?

We help you understand and manage all aspects of your life professionally and personally, enabling you to map a strategy for your progress. Download PDF for more information

What happens to the money that is donated?

We are a Non-Profit Public Benefit Charity ( 501c3) with a Platinum rating on Guidestar. The money that is donated goes to support the mission of EWA to change women's lives, one woman at a time through a codified, proprietary one on one peer mentoring process for life. All of us who serve on the EWA board, as well as those who are Mentor Liaisons, are Volunteers - and we are not paid - we believe strongly in our mission and donate our time, talent, and treasure to pay it forward to our EWA's and EWA Alumnae.

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