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Establishing & Growing a Legacy


Larraine Segil Books
How it  all Started



After a successful career as a lawyer, entrepreneur, and CEO of companies in Finance, Healthcare, and Aerospace Advanced Materials, Larraine Segil created the first consulting firm in the area of Strategic Partnering and Alliances. 20 years later she merged her firm with Vantage Partners LLC, Experts in Negotiation, to create the world's leading consultancy in Partnering and Negotiation.

Having authored 8 books, written 14 songs and 3 children's books, taught Executive Education to senior technology executives at Caltech for 24 years, served on the World Health Organization WHO International Board, as well as on the Board of a Fortune 200 company, Larraine decided, upon selling out of Vantage Partners, to create a methodology that took her Intellectual Property in Strategy and Partnering, and applied it to the area of Mentoring and Executive Coaching.

Never having had a mentor or executive coach herself, she set up three endowment funds at the institutions that had educated her, and applied her proprietary Mentoring Process to the women she chose from there, and to whom she gave both money and mentoring. They called themselves, The Larraine Segil Scholars.

The Scholars

The Larraine Segil Scholars

24 scholars were endowed when Larraine's endowments launched in 2012 until 2018 after which no new scholars were added to the group but the scholarships continue annually. The scholars below are those who continue to be involved in paying it forward to the network. 

The Larraine Segil Scholar Endowments were personal donations by Larraine Segil to:


Established December 2009 – Candidates accepted through 2018 – all were offered money plus mentoring; after 2018, candidates receive money only.


Larraine's donations began in 2012 and the endowment was established in May 2016 – in perpetuity, a money scholarship is given to a qualified candidate – Candidates accepted through 2018 all were offered money and mentoring; after 2018, candidates receive money only.


Established August 2015 to pay the private school education cost for 9th-12th grade – 2 Candidates accepted 2015 and graduated. Support continues for one candidate studying to become an Actuary at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

The methodology of EWA created by Larraine Segil and her expertise in strategic partnering

The Methodology Larraine created and used with the Larraine Segil Scholars, was so successful in application, flexibility, durability and adaptation, that upon the suggestions of Pamela Irwin, Linda LoRe and Jacqueline McCauley (Larraine Segil Scholars) Larraine funded the creation of the Larraine Segil Scholars Foundation on August 16th, 2017, a California Non Profit, Public Benefit Corporation, also DBA as The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation and DBA as EWA. Larraine then codified her concepts with writings, videos, and supporting data onto the EWA Website which is now the depository of all the EWA Data.

4 (3).png

This methodology continues to withstand the test of time and the entire premise of the MENTOR process created, taught and implemented by Larraine has continued to inspire Cohort after Cohort. Larraine also created the concept of Mentor Liaison - so that each EWA knows that her Mentor Liaison will connect her with anyone in the network as needed or desired for her benefit. To that end, ML's have assembled teams of EWAs to support their sisters who may be going through crises or new situations and need input. e.g. 3 of the EWA CFO's volunteered their expertise to a newly appointed CEO, CHRO's assembled to support a CEO with HR Challenges and more. Larraine has donated all the Intellectual property she has created which is evidenced on the website or in the materials, videos, writings, podcasts and other IP associated with the design, measurement and implementation of the EWA Program, to the EWA Foundation, in perpetuity.

Larraine wrote all the materials used by the Network which includes the Training Manual, Metrics (beginning middle and end of the program), the Newsletters Monthly, the Launch, Mid-Session and the Final Graduation Materials. The Ethics Guidelines, and the Contracts that each EWA signs have been created by the Law Firm of Sidley Austin who have donated their services to EWA.

The Board of EWA - Initial, Refreshment & Additions

The Board of EWA donates their time and talent in Board Meetings. They were held once a month for the first year of the Foundation, and now are a minimum of four regular board meetings annually, plus one Board retreat.

The Board serves as the Admissions Committee with the addition of various EWA's on that Committee as appropriate. The Board has a Nominating and Governance Committee, an Investment Committee, and a Finance Committee.

AUGUST, 16 2017 The initial Board of the Foundation was created on August 16th, 2017 comprising Larraine Segil, Linda LoRe (LSS), Jacqueline McCauley (LSS), and Pamela Irwin (LSS)

JUNE 2018 The first Cohort of EWAs was launched in June 2018. Additional Board members included Joya de Foor (LSS) as CFO and Subash Samuels EWA Cohort 1

2019 Board refreshment occurred with Pamela Irwin and Joya De Foor leaving the Board in 2019

2020 Kimberlee Reese  Cohort 3 and Xochitl Monteon  COhort 3 joined the Board, with Kimberlee Reese taking on the role of CFO and Linda LoRe becoming Vice Chair

2021 Judith Schrecker Cohort 5 joined the Board in 2021 taking over Board Secretary duties from Jacqueline McCauley. 

2022 January Amy Hanlon Rodemich Cohort 6 and Voviette Morgan Cohort 4 joined the Board. Subash Samuels and Xochitl Monteon retired from their Board service and joined the Board Emerita.

2022 May Victoria Lynden Cohort 10 joined the board and became Chair of the Fundraising Committee and Ena Hull joined the board and became CFO.

2024 January Lauren Howard Cohort 10 and Joanna Massey Cohort 12 both joined the board and Linda LoRe LSS and Judy Schrecker Cohort 5 both retired from the board. Joanna became Corporate Secretary, and the Board appointed two new officers - Kellen Smith Cohort 13 as CFO to replace Ena Hull who remained on the board, and Regine Lawton as CTO/CISO

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