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EWA announces the selection of Carol Horton, Real Estate Investor

The Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) announces the selection of Carol Horton, Real Estate Investor, as a 2023 EWA. Ms. Horton has over 15 years of experience in the residential construction industry. She most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer at Kindred Homes, where she successfully led a digital transformation initiative, transforming operational and sales processes. Her expertise in organizational restructuring and operational efficiencies yielded decreased overhead costs and improved overall departmental performance.

Ms. Horton served as a board member of Horton Capital Properties, LLC, a private company located in Texas, for six years. HCP is a conglomerate of brands focused on the homebuilding industry. She led company governance, technology, and strategic vision in this role. Ms. Horton was instrumental in a company-wide restructuring in 2017, reducing overhead and material costs and streamlining processes to maximize profitability. She advised on the creation of two joint ventures with a mortgage broker and a title company. These joint ventures allowed greater control of the closing process and created new revenue streams.

Currently, Ms. Horton is a Member of the Board of Directors for Habitat For Humanity of Collin County, a non-profit housing organization located in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. She is serving on the PR/Development committee, advising on critical needs for fundraising.

"Carol is a driving force in the residential building industry with her savvy approach to marketing and digital strategies while building efficiencies within organizations. She's a sought-after speaker and transformational leader," said Larraine Segil, Chair & CEO of EWA. "We are delighted to welcome Carol to EWA!"

Carol Horton, Real Estate Investor

"I'm deeply honored and humbled to have been chosen as a member of the Exceptional Women Alliance. I firmly believe that when exceptional women come together, we have the power to create positive change and shape a brighter future for all. This alliance represents not only an opportunity for personal growth but also a platform to inspire and empower other women in business," said Carol Horton.

Drawing upon her extensive experience in the residential construction industry, Ms. Horton has launched The Ten13 Company, a real estate investment firm. Her vision extends beyond the accumulation of a diverse property portfolio; she is passionate about creating a firm that is female-owned and led by women. Her goal is to set a powerful example within the real estate industry—a field where women are underrepresented—by demonstrating the impact of female leadership in driving successful residential and commercial development projects. Through The Ten13 Company, Ms. Horton aims to inspire and empower more women to explore real estate investment and development careers, promoting gender diversity and fostering a culture of inclusivity within the industry.


The Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) is an invitation only peer mentorship organization where high-potential, high-level Exceptional Women from across multiple industries are hand-selected and invested in, to grow, learn, share, and succeed. In addition to the achievement of significant success, the criteria for acceptance include character traits that are defining of the EWA Culture – Kindness, the Spirit of Generosity, Transparency, Gratitude and Willingness to Share their Networks. The Foundation is a powerhouse of peer-to-peer mentoring that provides guidance, deep connection, and leadership, propelling each woman to sustainable success - one woman at a time. The year-long program enables each member to be connected as alumnae for life in the ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders continue to move into positions of significance. Learn more at

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