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EWA Danette Andley Testimonial
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EWA Danette Andley Testimonial

EWA Cecilia Aviles Testimonial
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EWA Cecilia Aviles Testimonial


Kris Quine

Chief Operating Officer, PROOV Test by MFB Fertility

"EWA is a rare-find organization that uniquely fits so many of us... in different industries, different stages, but the same desire to learn and grow with other amazing women leaders."

Linda Black

Chief Executive Officer, Gallant

"EWA is an unparalleled organization of women that have helped me navigate the C- stages of my career. The network is invaluable - we are one person away from any resource we may need and are all willing to help. EWA has been not only a great resource for guidance but friendship as well."

Linda Black Profile Pic.jpeg
Linda Lore, Former CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills, Frederiks of Hollywood, CEO of Injoy Global, Mentor Liaison

Linda LoRe

Former CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Frederick's of Hollywood

Former Senior Executive at P&G | CEO of Injoy Global

"Being CEO of a global organization over the past 20 years has given me wisdom that it is now my pleasure to pass on to a young woman who is clearly a rising superstar. I know well the bumps in the road that she is experiencing and also the way she needs to handle them in order to make it up into the C level. She has the smarts, the drive and the tenacity to deal with the global travel and stresses - I have been there and will help her through these years while she has a young family  and is focused on achieving her corporate goals."

Voviette Morgan

Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, Los Angeles

"EWA is a sisterhood that amazingly appears right when you need it and it becomes whatever you need at that moment in your life. EWA constantly reminds me that when women support each other, incredible things happen." 

Voviette Morgan Profile Pic.jpg
Tamara  Cora.jpeg

Tamara Cora

VP of Finance, Quantcast

“EWA brings together high-achieving women from a variety of industries and life stages to provide a holistic approach to professional development. The approach is to develop you as a whole person, so you can show up stronger for your personal life and for your organization. Having such a diverse group of successful women provides balanced perspectives to learn from and members support each other navigating through negotiations, new business opportunities, major life events, founding companies, board member selection and even transitioning into retirement and beyond. EWA is more than a professional network – I have a network of friends and mentors that I can trust.”

Sunny Webb

Managing Partner, Hummingbird Search Partners

Former Apple Global Lead | Accenture

"EWA is incredibly nourishing, memorable and transformative in every dimension and degree. The solid input I received was effective for what I needed to hear, and the charismatic confidence of EWA in the future was contagious."

Sunny Webb.jpg

EWA is incredible. The women have so much in common despite coming from very diverse backgrounds and professions. I learned about the power of having a close-knit group with whom to share my life and career successes and obstacles.  I once heard a saying – “if you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  The women with whom I interact make me feel as if the sky's the limit if you dream big, work hard, and live a life of integrity. I had a wonderful experience with my Mentor Liaison.  Having someone who understands the challenges that I faced growing up and the challenges that I overcame to achieve what I have achieved so far is truly priceless.  Now, I have access to a group of like-minded women and mentors on a daily basis. The program itself is powerful as it defines success in a way that aligns with my values regarding success in all areas of our lives – personal, career, community, etc.  This approach is vital to helping me achieve my goals and making my vision(s) a reality.  Thank you EWA!

—  Ana Luiza Rosario Sousa, Lead Counsel, Meta (formerly Facebook)

Employer Testimonials
Raymond Hall photo.jpg

Raymond Hall

Chief Human Resource Officer, JLL

My thanks to EWA for the vision and ability to create such a wonderful and impactful program!  I have witnessed our candidate's growth when I was CHRO of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, in the time that she has been a part of the group. Based on the feedback I’ve received from her regarding her experience, this has to be one of the top programs out there, hands down.  So, thanks again!"

Joyce Russell

Former President, Adecco USA | President, Adecco Group US Foundation

"Adecco believes in the EWA program and they have already accepted two of our rising stars into different EWA cohorts. The coaching, guidance and direction that they have received has added significantly to their leadership, productivity and their overall value to the company. We consider our investment in the EWA program to provide a clear message to our talented executives that we believe in their development. In a market for talent which is highly competitive, EWA provides a wonderful external growth opportunity in a unique environment of mentorship and support."

Joyce Russell.jpg
exceptional women awardees
Mark Hutchins

Hear from Mark Hutchins, The Los Angeles Managing Partner and Board Director of KPMG and Philippe Maigret, President of ITV Studios America, as well as Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Executive Coach in the world and the spouses of some of our EWA's

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