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Rachel Barger, Senior Vice President, America Sales, Cisco selected as an Alliance

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) announces that, after an expansive search, Rachel Barger, Senior Vice President, America Sales, Cisco was selected as an Awardee, and joined the Fall 2021 EWA Cohort.

As SVP of the largest of Cisco’s three geographic regions, Rachel is responsible for approximately $37 billion in annual product and services sales for the company. She leads a richly diverse and dynamic team that spans across 17 countries and six theaters (including Service Provider, Canada, Latin America, U.S. Commercial, U.S. Public Sector, and the Global Enterprise Segment).

“First, we’d like to congratulate Rachel on her recent appointment as Senior Vice President, America Sales and in the same breath, welcome her to EWA!” said Larraine Segil, Chair and CEO of EWA. “She is a driving force for Cisco, and we know she will be for our community as well. Her 20 years of experience building highly engaged and performing teams while delivering on profitable growth will inspire our impressionable network.”

Rachel Barger, Senior Vice President, America Sales, Cisco

Rachel has a demonstrated global understanding and approach gained through her time spent managing teams in North America, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Europe, and she is recognized for her experience in establishing and scaling businesses across international markets.

“I am thrilled to see Rachel receive this well-deserved honor. Rachel is a natural leader. She motivates others through her own passion, drive and vision, and helps those around her realize their own potential,” said Jeff Sharritts, EVP and Chief Customer and Partner Officer at Cisco. “Rachel is constantly showing a deep curiosity and understanding of our customers’ businesses, and to drive incredible value and outcomes. She will bring great knowledge and insight to EWA.”

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) selects high potential,

high level Exceptional Women from multiple industries, develops and mentors them in a peer-to-peer network with guidance and career redesign advice to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time. Their year-long program enables the EWA to be connected for life to their ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders move into positions of significance.


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