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New! Reimbursement Policy for Mentor Liaisons

Subject: Mentor Liaison Reimbursement/Donation Policy Clarification


We are pleased to announce our formal policy on Mentor Liaison reimbursements and donations to EWA. As you know our Mentor Liaison’s (ML) play a critical role in EWA and without their “Time, Talent and Treasure” we wouldn’t be able to support the mission of EWA. Up until this time almost all of our MLs have generously donated all of their expenses so please remember to thank them for their generosity in doing so along with their time and talent.

With that said, to help offset the some of the costs our ML’s expense for serving their respective mentee and the cohort, each ML has the option of requesting one of the following options to help defray the cost of being an ML:

Option 1: Full Donation of Expense – ML’s opting to cover the expenses for their cost to participate as an ML for travel and hotel expenses for each of the events, may request a tax-deductible donation letter for $1,000 for their costs incurred for participation as an ML.

Option 2: Reimbursement up to $1,000 of costs incurred for the launch weekend, mid-year event and the graduation event for the cohort they are mentoring in.

Option 3: Partial Donation ($500) and Reimbursement ($500) – ML’s can opt to be reimbursed up to $500 for the launch weekend, mid-year event and the graduation event and request a $500 donation to cover expenses for hotel and airfare.

Please be advised that a maximum of $1,000 is available for reimbursement or donation for each ML participatory event as follows:

· $500 for Airfare/Travel and;

· $500 for Hotel

Total maximum of $1,000.

For ML’s who opt to cover the expense as a “donation” to EWA, a tax deductible donation notice will be provided to the ML upon request to the EWA CEO and CFO.

Should you have any questions about this policy, please contact the CFO, Ena Hull for assistance.


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