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Forbes features the Exceptional Women Alliance

The Exceptional Women Alliance was featured in Forbes Online, highlighting how Larraine Segil, Founder, Chair and CEO was inspired to create the nonprofit, peer to peer women’s mentoring organization.

In a recent article published by MeiMei Fox in Forbes, Larraine Segil, Founder, Chair and CEO of the Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) was featured during an exclusive interview. The nonprofit organization is built on a peer-to-peer, metrics-driven mentoring program for high-level businesswomen.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to share the strategic and powerful impact of EWA during a time when now more than ever, women need to be mentoring each other,” said Larraine. “My inspiration to pay-it-forward has resulted in an organization that changes lives one woman at a time; but imagine the reach each one of those women has…that’s where the magic happens.”

Larraine Segil, Founder, Chair & CEO, Exceptional Women Alliance

The significant impact of EWA is evident through the ongoing growth of the network. You can read more of this interview on Forbes.


The Exceptional Women Alliance (EWA) is an invitation only peer mentorship organization where high-potential, high-level Exceptional Women from across multiple industries are hand-selected and invested in, to grow, learn, share, and succeed. In addition to the achievement of significant success, the criteria for acceptance include character traits that are defining of the EWA Culture – Kindness, the Spirit of Generosity, Transparency, Gratitude and Willingness to Share their Networks. The Foundation is a powerhouse of peer-to-peer mentoring that provides guidance, deep connection, and leadership, propelling each woman to sustainable success - one woman at a time. The year-long program enables each member to be connected as alumnae for life in the ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders continue to move into positions of significance. Learn more at


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