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Lisa Zachary, SVP, Tax Consulting for Tax Advisors Group LLC selected as a Spring 2021 EWA Alliance

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) announces that after interviews with multiple candidates, Lisa Zachary, Senior Vice President of Tax Consulting for Tax Advisors Group LLC., has been inducted into the Spring 2021 Exceptional Women Alliance Cohort.

With over 20 years of experience across accounting/property tax, management, and consulting, Lisa leads a team of licensed consultants providing customized tax consulting for more than 650 clients with over $15B in Business Personal Property valuation, consistently driving value reductions by 20% - 30%.

" Lisa has the persistence, intelligence, management savvy and determination that characterizes an excellent leader," commented Larraine Segil, Founder, Chair and CEO of EWA. " We look for the courage that Lisa demonstrates in the face of challenges, and also a hunger for learning and the standards of excellence that she expects from herself as well as the people whom she leads. As the only woman on the leadership team of her company, she is a shining example of success."

"Lisa possesses an exceptional combination of skills, strong management capabilities and technical expertise in an area of tremendous opportunity for business taxpayers. This award is perfectly fitting for Lisa and we are thankful for all that she is doing to continue the success of TAG. " said the CEO of Tax Advisors Group LLC, Lynn Krebs, PhD, CMI

Tax Advisors Group LLC. (TAG) Is known as the leader in Business Personal Property market value tax filings, the process which has been trademarked under the name TAG It™. TAG offers property tax services in all states that require them, the company's primary distinction has always been on the Texas market due to the unique market value property tax code. Our TAG It™ system combines a proven market value analysis with third-party appraisal data to ensure that our clients do not pay more than their fair share of business personal property tax. TAG's results are unprecedented in the industry, with annual tax savings averaging more than 25 percent across their entire Texas client base over a ten-year period. Learn more at

Lisa Zachary, SVP Tax Advisors Group LLC

Larraine Segil, Founder, Chair and CEO of EWA commented, " We look for the courage that Lisa Zachary demonstrates in the face of challenges"

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) selects high potential, upper-career exceptional Women from multiple industries, develops and mentors them with guidance and career redesign advice to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time. Their year-long program enables the EWA to be connected for life to their ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders move into positions of significance.


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