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EWA selected Beverly Cole, an independent corporate director, as a Winter 2022 Alliance

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) announces that after an expansive search Beverly Cole, an independent corporate director, was selected for the Winter 2022 EWA Cohort.

Beverly Cole is a seasoned public and private corporate board member and currently serves as an independent corporate director with Bank OZK. She specializes in synthesizing complex issues, identifying innovative solutions, and accelerating consensus. She has a demonstrated ability to pivot quickly, while aiding corporations in setting strategic direction, enhancing revenue growth and identifying risks.

Ms. Cole's federal regulatory experience provides strategic guidance to corporations navigating regulations at the federal or state level. Beverly skillfully navigates the complex process by leveraging the required relationships she has earned from her tenure as a federal regulator with the Office of Thrift Supervision, the FDIC and the Small Business Administration, Department of Transportation, and amongst generals and military leadership.

“We welcome Beverly to EWA! Her ability to harmonize corporate needs, federal regulations and culture will add an invaluable perspective to our network of women,” said Larraine Segil, Chair and CEO of EWA. “Beverly is accomplished and influential, and we look forward to growing with her!” added Larraine.

“During my career I was usually the only woman in the room with hard working men. I only had a mentor a few times, but I know many of my decisions and job choices would have been different if I had a mentor, a sister, who could encourage me to take a position or step out of my comfort zone. I am delighted to have that sisterhood now, non-judgmental and supportive in identifying when

you are holding back because of lack of self-confidence or whatever the hold-up. Women who say, ‘Go Girl!’” said Beverly Cole.

Beverly Cole, independent corporate director

As a global citizen, Ms. Cole helps identify cultural, diversity, and gender differences in a nonconfrontational manner while identifying opportunities for collaborative outcomes that bring results to the bottom line. Beverly has been recognized as Savoy’s Most Influential Black Corporate Directors and in Directors & Boards. She also serves as an Investment Chair of a private venture capital firm.

The Exceptional Women Alliance Foundation (EWA) selects high potential, high level Exceptional Women from multiple industries, develops and mentors them in a peer-to-peer network with guidance and career redesign advice to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time. Their year-long program enables the EWA to be connected for life to their ever-expanding EWA global network, as their fellow women leaders move into positions of significance. Learn more at


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