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2023 EWA Retreat Registration


Retreat registration invoices are being sent via Quickbooks to your emails. Registration fees are $1250.00

In the event you would like to pay directly for your registration to the event you may do so here

Details for the annual retreat can be found at

Get Excited for the 2023 EWA Annual Retreat!

This year, we will be in LAS VEGAS at the Caesars Palace from Thursday, September 28th to Sunday, October 1st -(Board Members, 9/27)​Three easy steps to complete your registration! 

  1. Please visit this site for all the detailed information and to complete the retreat questionnaire. Information regarding the hotel, spa, etc., is on this site.

  2. Book your sleeping room before August 1. It is important that you book through this link (do not call hotel), otherwise you will be charged a booking service fee.

  3. Make your Retreat Registration Donation of $1250. A personalized statement will be sent to you so be sure and check your email. 


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